X Blu Rayne

Poets are songwriters, spoken word artist are performers, authors are literary artist, and speakers are catalyst. X Blu Rayne is the perfect combination of all four. Her poetry matches where you are, speaks on those hidden things never spoken, and gives insight and direction on who you want to be. Her poetry isn’t just words spoken to appeal to the ear, but they are solution based, emotionally driven, and written with the objective of speaking truths from the heart. She moves your frequencies and isn’t shy about speaking on anything to anyone at any time. She can shape your reality into words so that you can see yourself properly.

Her education is life experiences, talking to those who are hurting and happy, and gaining knowledge by listening to everyone from college students to the elderly, and maintaining an open soul to voices that have never had a place to speak.

Her goal, simply put, is that through her poetry and speaking she helps people be the best they are designed to be. She doesn’t write for cliques or poetic competitions, she writes to change lives and enhance humanity by taking the issues in this world and capsulizing them into a digestible method. Helping all of us swallow the bitter pills of life and appreciating the possible sweetness thereafter. She has a story to tell. To know more about her story click here.

X Blu Rayne is a published author, poet, motivational speaker, and has successfully begun to make her passion a business. She did her first interview with STL TV LIVE. Click the links below to see X Blu Rayne talk about her life, her passion, and her family.

"Life isn’t a race, it is a journey. Poetry, for me, is the prophetic pathway to get there."

~ X Blu Rayne