Kathryn Griffin-Grinan

Kathryn was born in Inglewood, California and after being adopted, grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She came to Houston, Texas at the age of 16 on a scholarship to Texas Southern University. Afterwards Kathryn pursued a career in the music industry and performed with world renowned recording artists like Rick James and George Clinton. 

In 1986 she met her biological father, Ed Townsend, the famous producer of Marvin Gay and many others. In that same year she entered the first of many treatment centers. 

Faced with going to prison, Kathryn turned her life around in November 2003, after being accepted into the Harris County STAR Drug Court Program. She graduated from the STAR program in February 2005 and is one of the program’s biggest advocates. On November 14, 2014 she celebrated 11 years of sobriety. 

Today, Kathryn is a recovery coach. She is the founder of We’ve Been There Done That, a re-entry program in the Harris County Sheriff’s Office dedicated to the rehabilitation of women that have engaged in prostitution and human trafficking. She is the program coordinator for Our Roadway to Freedom housed in the Texas Department of Correction’s Plane State Jail and the Henley Unit. She is the Prostitution Rehabilitation Specialist for the Steve Wilco Show, a Life Changer on the Dr. Drew Life Changers television show, Bill Cunningham Show and she has made appearances on the Jeremy Kyle Show on Fox. She is a motivational speaker, and presides on several national boards for human trafficking. She also works for the Texas House of Representatives Human Trafficking and Sex Industry Division. She is currently working on a worldwide reality television series. She is a dedicated mother and wife and champion for women in the community.