Ms. Bernadette Lewis Sealy

A citizen of the twin Island of Trinidad and Tobago, Social Worker by profession, Ms. Lewis Sealy strives to work with multidisciplinary teams that encourage systems and structures which will ameliorate social ills and facilitate the growth and development of others.

Ms. Lewis Sealy presently holds the position of Victim and Witness Support Officer (VWSO) Team Lead with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. She is the Team Lead for the South and South Western district of Trinidad.

As a VWSO, Ms. Lewis Sealy provides emotional and psychosocial support to victims and witnesses of crime especial in the area of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

She is the Founder of “The Parenting Support Network” Established Augusts 2010.  This organization provides parental training and psycho-educational group support for parent and their children.

She is involved with South AIDS Support Group as an HIV/AIDS Educator, Facilitator and Counselor. Ms. Lewis Sealy is also a volunteer counselor with Hope Support Group that treats with women who have lost their love one to gun violence.

Ms. Lewis Sealy worked with several major Children’s home for abuse and abandon children. As a care giver she provided life skill training and support to the children between the ages 5 to 18 years of these Homes. Ms. Lewis Sealy’s training and experience has given her expert knowledge and skills to treat with many societal issues. This has led to many speaking engagements at academic institutions, companies and religious denominations both locally and international.