Valicia G. Brannon “Valerie”

My name is Valicia Brannon. I am a wife and a mother of 3 young adults. I have been in the hair industry for well over 15 years. I am a certified Master Stylist for Redken New York 5TH Ave. I specialize in Creative Cuts and Special Events Hair. I was voted one of Dallas top Stylist by D Magazine. I also sit on the Board of the Caribbean Association of Texas and service as Public Relation Specialist. I have had the pleasure to work behind the scenes of local fashion shows doing hair and makeup alike.
I have a very real passion for young adults. I have 3 of my own and I also serve as a Sunday school teacher for the high school seniors and 1st and second year college at Friendship Baptist Church. I tend to gravitate to this particular age group mainly because I remember what it was like being that age, and now that I have hit womanhood, I want the opportunity to give back and share everything that “They” forgot to share with me.


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