Support Harvey Victims by Donating Solar Shelter Kits

With Hurricane Irma threatening to make landfall and the worst of Hurricane Harvey is behind us, the aftermath is still unfolding affecting thousands. Texans and Louisianans are dealing with significant hardships as a result of this storm.With thousands of residents still without power since the hurricane hit, many in Houston and surrounding areas are without electricity for lights or power sources to charge their cell phone. Through Enlight Solar Shelter Kit and other high quality core disaster relief items,  these individuals can receive power sources to assist them with some immediate needs to begin the recovery and rebuilding process.

Our partner, AWOW International Girls Leadership Initiative over the years has utilized solar lamp kits to provide lighting to underserved communities in developing countries. Most recently the organization began a Solar Shelter Kits CampaignSolar Shelter Kit embrace the power of solar light and power source for charging phones and other devices by tapping into the source of power from the sun. It can also be used as a bright torch, table light, ceiling light, wall light and wearable light. Key features: 1 USB and 4 cell phones charging ports, 1 solar panel and charging port, up to 55 hours of bright light, 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship, dust tight, and water immersion 1 meter.
Carolyn Wright, founder of AWOW said, "Thoughts of not being able to speak with my loved ones and the fear of losing contact with them was mind-boggling during this ordeal.” Throughout the disaster she was on the phone with family for countless hours keeping them informed and up-to date with the news. “Mobile devices have become very important tools these days and being able to charge them is crucial. Seeing thousands of people without power sources and knowing many will be without for months ahead compelled me to act." Wright said.

Individuals can help by sponsoring a shelter kit with a donation of $50.