Jawna Williams

Jawna Williams is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.  She holds it's history, culture, music, food, and especially her fellow Crescent City natives very near and dear to her heart .  Jawna  is a graduate of the historical black Senior High School, McDonogh #35, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of New Orleans, and was designated a Credentialed ATD Master Trainer in 2015.

Her career spans a gamut  from a professional Marketing , Sales, and Administrative background for over 20 years to over 15 years as a live performing and recording artist with various groups. Currently, as a Business Manager for the Haider Corporation dba Tweaker Energy Drink Company, she is tasked with business process improvement and change management which she thoroughly enjoys.  

Jawna  is first and foremost a lover of God and is forever grateful for the gift, sacrifice,  and teachings of Jesus Christ. She attributes her desire  to love all people in this very diverse world to her spiritual journey which is ever-evolving.  Her belief is that everything we undergo in life is an opportunity to grow, learn, and love.  To the best of her knowledge, she coined the phrase, "Embrace the Errors" which she uses quite often when training or addressing an issue because it's through our "wrong turns" that  we learn to overcome challenges, build character, develop patience and compassion, and gain intangible treasures through experience. Her aim is to impact all she encounters with a presence of genuine care and love so that they can pass it on.    One of her favorite phrases is," Be the change you want to see". To her, this is a theme that resonates throughout  AWOW's mission and it's programs.

She considers herself extremely blessed and has met many kindred spirits and formed lifelong relationships. Due to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, she was forced to leave her New Orleans' home and chose to establish and plant new roots in the Lone Star State..  However, Jawna still sees  herself as a New Orleanian who just happens to live away from home.