Gabrielle Smith

I would have to say that if Oprah and Lenny Kravitz had a baby --- it would be me!

That’s because they are a perfect mixture of a resilient life strategist, spiritual-intuition maven, and challenger of the status quo.

From the days of being an over-zealous, misguided spectator of my own life to being at the helm of a life that only I dreamed about. I still have to pinch myself.

I am living proof that you can create and live a life that you love-no matter the circumstances. You are stronger than you think and your strength becomes exposed during your life's defining moments.
I believe that you must live in the present moment and not give your past the gift of now. There is nothing for you in the rear view mirror, the road is before you.

If you were to ask anyone about my work, they are most likely to tell you that they cancelled their lifetime subscription to Mediocrity magazine. By working with me, they are able to see the life they desire and have it!

I am committed to defining success by your terms and through my articles, speeches, retreats, workshops, you will learn ways and practices to daily fortify yourself to live in the real world. Because you deserve to!

Oh and one more thing – please don't expect everything to be perfect, but do expect some laughter, reality checks, and a few unexpected twists and turns!.