Caroline Liddell

I have lived in North Dallas area for over 16 years and worked in your community; I have specialized primarily in Sales & Marketing as a National Sales Manager, Team Leader, and eventually leading to Vice President, Strategic Planning & Business Development position. serving the life, health, retirement, Medicare, In addition, to that I spent some time as a Unit Director overseeing 7 facilities, managing 140+ employees which included supervisors and staff, and handling a budget over $2.5 million for payroll and business expenses. I have also been a licensed insurance agent since 2007.

Vice President, Fundraising & Marketing of AWOW

A Future CEO of Several Non-Profit, Faith-Based organizations such as: Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, Hope Worldwide and many more.
Future Writer of Several Empowerment, Self Help, Inspiring Books depicting tough lessons she's learned as she travelled down the road of this journey we call "Life" and how she overcame many adversities.

  • A Philanthropist.
  • A Savvy Business Executive with Great Problem Solving Skills.
  • A Future Business Owner of Several for Profit Businesses.
  • A Theologian
  • An Evangelist
  • A Follower of Christ ( A Disciple)
  • An Entrepreneur
  • A Career Coach and Owner of Insurance Agency
  • A Passionate Motivational Speaker,
  • A Future COO of Fortune 500 Company
  • A Future Community Leader

I am confident, persistent and inventive in business. I can launch a new business and will devote all my energy to getting it established. A talent for inspiring people is one of my outstanding features. I am a good communicator. I know exactly how to conduct business policy. I actively and persistently strive for success. I know how to set goals and strives to reach them as quickly as possible. This dynamic approach to reaching my goal quickly develops and promotes the business or organization.