A-WOW Young Women Leadership World Summit “Keys to Unlocking the Potential Within” July 26–August 2, 2015, Dallas, TX

A-WOW Young Women Leadership World Summit
“Keys to Unlocking the Potential Within”
July 26–August 2, 2015, Dallas, TX

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[Dallas, TX] – Southern Methodist University (SMU) is the host site for the 2015, A-WOW Young Women Leadership World Summit. On July 26–August 2, 2015, the A-WOW International Girls Leadership will convene ambassadors in global leadership for the 2015 Young Women’s Power Summit on ‘Leadership in the 21st Century’.

The Summit is one of the most significant gatherings of young women ages 16 – 25. The A-WOW Young Women’s Leadership Summit convenes the preeminent young women in leadership from Costa Rica, Ghana, Trinidad and Tobago, India, Nigeria, The United States and other countries from around the globe.

The theme of the 2015 Young Women’s World Summit is “Keys to Unlocking the Potential Within”. For eight days and seven nights this intense, impact, high-level learning tailored to the global leaders will provide an innovative guide for leading change and flourishing in a rapidly changing world. This summit aims to advance one of the core development goals and main objectives of the United States White House Council progress towards the attainment on Women and Girls and the UN Women-achieve ‘Gender equality and women empowerment” for all women and girls’.

If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling a young woman to join the conference, enroll online at www.awownow.org. A limited number of scholarships are available.

Through real-life examples from business professional, academia, government officials, and organizations, A-WOW Young Women’s World Summit participants will explore how they can successfully lead their lives, and become change agents in school, community and in the world.

Participants will engage in various activities such as action labs, a youth advocacy project, etiquette training, tours and excursions hosted by (Mary Kay, BHP Etc., AIMES Collision, Deep In The Roots, Group Dynamix) and more!

We recommend that those interested in assisting with the enrichment of today’s youth, and those interested in learning more about the organization, to join us on the evening of July 26, for a grand kickoff to the weeklong conference. At this time, you will get to hear success stories, from A-WOW Ambassadors, educators and a special keynote speaker.

Young women attending A-WOW Leadership World Summit will:

  • Gain tools and resources that build global leadership skills and learn a greater awareness of the complex challenges of ethical and effective leadership.
  • Cultivate their ability and enhance their responsibility to create change in society.
  • Grow their network and gain exposure to professional environments and successful mentors.
  • Increase their knowledge of skills that bolster self-esteem and self-awareness through seminars, lectures, action labs, community involvement, and engaging in environmental programs.

A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative is a 501 (3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Dallas, TX, USA. A female-based organization established to assist young women and girls in assuming active roles in school, their community, businesses and organizations by fostering and promoting education, leadership and skill development through training, innovation and mentoring as well as advocating and promoting the eradication of female inequalities.

Application deadline is June 30, 2015. Apply online or for more information visit: www.awownow.org

For interviews, please contact Carolyn Wright, A-WOW Founder at (214) 995-1927.