Sandi Mitchell

Sandi Mitchell is President and founder of APEX Leadership Coaching where she is a global peak performance coach, speaker, trainer and facilitator. Her passion is working with high potential leaders moving into their excellence. Her specialty is with leaders transitioning into, up through, and out of leadership roles and learning how to break through their own glass ceilings.

Sandi’s talks are encouraging, engaging, and empowering. She inspires leaders to set a vision bigger than they thought they could and create the plan to take action and make their dreams reality.

As a peak performance coach, Sandi helps leaders accelerate performance and drive transformative change in themselves and their teams. A dynamic keynote speaker, Sandi has spoken at conferences throughout the nation. As an award-winning trainer, she has created and run a corporate university program, training over 4200 employees, managers, and leaders worldwide. A results-driven facilitator, Sandi provides exciting tools and techniques enabling faster and more thoughtful problem solving, strategic planning, and new manager immersion into teams.

Sandi has an MBA from Texas Wesleyan University, an Advertising degree from the University of North Texas, and is a Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. She is passionate about eliminating human trafficking (quoted in the New York Times, Nov 2012) and championing financial literacy and leadership skills for youth.

To find out more about Sandi Mitchell, check out her website: Apex Leadership