Rayshunda “Ms. Ray” Holt

Rayshunda Holt, "Ms. Ray” a native of Dallas, has been styling and braiding hair for over 20 years.  She discovered her love for hair when she was seven years of age.  Ms. Ray decided to transition to specializing in natural hair in 2000 after making a conscious decision to never relax her hair again.  She has always wanted to own her own Natural Hair Salon. After working for other salons that provided chemical services, it motivated her to open up a Salon in the southern sector of Dallas.  She opened her own chemical free salon, Deep In The Roots so that her clients can have a healthy atmosphere. 

Ms. Ray has created a line of natural hair products due to the lack of chemical free products in beauty stores. Natural Essences is the product line, you may purchase Natural Essences at the salon, online or from a distributor.   She continues to do extensive research and training to be able to provide knowledge to those embracing the natural realm. Ms. Ray promotes health, healthy hair and a healthy lifestyle. She is one of the well known Master Natural Hair Artists in the DFW area. She has been featured on the Esther Davis Show, featured in the Dallas Weekly, featured in the Post Tribune, The Garland Journal and featured in Krave Magazine.  She is active in the community providing educational workshops, seminars and natural hair shows.  Such as the International Hair Show, Nappiology  Expo, Fro Fest, Nzuri Hair show. 

Ms. Ray has successfully created and promoted her own natural hair shows, such as Show Tell N Flaunt It 2009, Napptricity 2010, 2011, 2012, and the Men’s Loc Conference 2013.   Ms. Ray is a member of Nappiology and she is the Expert Spokesperson for the Natural Hair App. Ms. Ray has also completed the Executive Coordinator Training with Market America.   Ms. Ray is the Vice President of Digixtel Communications.  She has also had a successful online radio show called Deeply Rooted Scandals.
Ms. Ray has a love and passion to help individuals embrace their natural beauty and have a love of self first and not fall victim to American standards of beauty. She has built a large and faithful clientele. Customer service is of high importance to Ms. Ray and it shows in her extensive consultations. She is very passionate about promoting and growing healthy hair.  She finds it essential to consider her client’s lifestyle and maintenance desires when designing their new natural style.  Ms. Ray encourages all men, women and children of all cultures to embrace “The Natural Essence of You.”