Petey Parker

Petey Parker is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant who delivers core business fundamentals through keynote addresses, consulting and seminars to corporations of all sizes. She brings an honest perspective as an outside observer, provides strategic insight into challenges facing companies today and helps them discover solutions to achieve clarity for tomorrow.

Petey is the president of Petey Parker & Associates, a consulting firm based in Dallas that specializes in leadership development, communication, and strategic positioning. Petey works extensively with CEOs and top level management so they can learn the difference between what leadership is and what it is not. Her communications programs help improve business and personal interaction through body language, listening skills, negotiating skills and spokesman training. She helps companies define their strategic plans as a reality rather than a wish list. She works with individuals, teams and large-scale systems to ensure everyone from the CEO and management to the administrative and support staff is working to their highest and best use.

Petey has worked with companies from a broad base of industries, including healthcare, financial institutions, residential and commercial real estate, governments and non-profits. Petey has worked with companies such as St. Joseph's Hospital System, Walmart, McGraw-Hill, KPMG, Century 21 National, Southwest Airlines and KPost Roofing. Steve Little, Petey's client and president of KPost Roofing states, "Petey helped me focus on the "quality of time", both professionally and personally. She helped me balance my responsibilities between KPost Company and National Roofing Partners. Her assistance in hiring my assistant and redefining the job duties to help me attain our desired goals has changed my life. Her insight into employee generational differences has helped us reach new heights within our company. I wholeheartedly recommend Petey's services. Be prepared to be challenged beyond your comfort zone, pushed to reach your potential and made accountable to reach your goals."
Petey is also co-founder of Consult P3, a consulting firm with offices in Dallas and New York that specializes in helping companies turn potential into profits by ensuring that their people, planning and processes are in sync with their corporate mission. Petey and her Consult P3 co-founder, Andy Klausner, lead a team of industry experts who can address any issue within a company, from human resource challenges to crisis management.

Petey's extensive experience working with non-profits led her to establish The Non Profit Roadmap, which helps non-profits improve their accountability and provide measurable results to their board of directors and donors. The return-on-investment for non-profits is the long-term impact by helping non-profits work more with less, yet continue to better serve the community.

Petey is the author of two books: Corporate Kitty Litter, and Body Language and Soulful Thoughts. She has also published several stories in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and many other publications.