Mona Kafeel

Mona Kafeel, Originally from Pakistan, studied at UCLA and moved to Dallas, Texas in 2000. She has been involved in philanthropy and social change at grass root levels for a long time. She has always focused on issues that are close to her heart, youth, women’s empowerment and education. But her true passion has been raising awareness about family violence which has brought her to where she is today serving as Chief Operating Officer of TMWF, responsible for long term strategic goals and operational leadership. She oversees Foundation’s Finance, Fund raising, Budgets & Grants. 

Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation (TMWF) is a non-profit, educational, philanthropic, and social service organization dedicated to empowering women and their families. TMWF programs are designed to promote peace in the home and community through a comprehensive strategy of prevention and intervention. They have also established a domestic violence shelter for women and their children with a 24/7 crisis hot line. TMWF’s other programs include, youth leadership development, junior youth mentor ship and interfaith education.