Joanna A. Diehl, M.B.A.

Joanna received her BA in International Business Relations from the University of Economics Varna, the leading economics university in the country she grew up in - Bulgaria. She moved to the United States on July 4, 2004 and in 2009 received a Masters Degree from Texas Christian University.

Before joining American Airlines Joanna worked in the Corporate Travel, Investments, and Healthcare Management industries, Joanna joined AA in March 2011 as a Commodity Manager in charge of the Rolls-Royce engines desk, managing AA’s agreements with Rolls-Royce for the total care of all AA Boeing 757 and Boeing 777-200 engines. In April 2012 Joanna was promoted to a Senior Commodity Manager and in October 2012 she was selected and promoted to the position of Manager of Purchasing at Texas Aero Engines Services Ltd.; AA and Rolls-Royce’s Joint Venture company. She manages a team of five that are jointly responsible for over $600,000 worth of business in engine parts repairs.

Joanna speaks three foreign languages: Bulgarian, Armenian, and Russian.