Carolyn Wright

Carolyn Wright is visionary and founder of A-WOW INC., a not-for-profit, non-governmental enterprise, whose headquarter is in Dallas, Texas. 

A-WOW Global Initiative Foundation (A-GIF, the flagship program of A-WOW) represents the new standard in the global leadership development world that combines (education and social economic growth with a balanced approached towards influencing community's and individual's well-being. 

For the past several years, Carolyn has established a recognized supportive culture of innovation that attract talent, improve communities and enhance the lives of individuals. She is directing an exciting new era of global transformative initiatives through education, training, skill development, knowledge and respect for multicultural diversity which, is a testament to her commitment for the advancement and development of sustainable leadership.

The essence of A-WOW Leadership and Development Programs is the impactful experiences of advance world understanding, goodwill, and access to an international network of support of leadership for girls worldwide. A-WOW offers and models innovation and superior learning opportunities. Its participants are: exemplary girls and young women, who desire to become catalysts for change and have shown leadership and initiative in their school, university, community or organizations, but have had rare opportunities to develop those skills. In principle and in practice, A-WOW, an acculturated program, actively promotes multiculturalism and values diversity and inclusion. Its outreach currently extend to Ghana, Liberia, Costa Rica and the United States “with a vision to expand to Asia, Austria, Europe, and the Americas by year 2020.”[Founder Carolyn Wright].

A-WOW, goals are to effectively represent the full diversity of girls and women, to expand access to leadership opportunities and establish an enduring legacy for female organizations, businesses and leadership globally. Its aim is to educate, empower and enrich irrespective of social, religious or ethnic orientation.

In 2009, Carolyn begin building upon her 28 years’ of experience and extensive travels when she recognized an opportunity to focus her efforts and belief in the “Concept of Care” (caring for self, other and the environment) to transform the lives of young women and girls. During her travels, she has worked with various organizations which, enabled her to build a network of international relationships within the community. 

She currently serves as a board member for Impact Life Worldwide, Ghana, and Southern Women Coalition. She is a member of Rotary International, The City of Dallas Trade Mission To Nigeria, The East African Chamber, and A-WOW Global Initiatives.

Carolyn is an avid volunteer, a supporter of the community and is a recipient of numerous awards, a testament to her commitment and success as a leader.