Rebecca Reynolds Keynote Speaker

2012 AWS Keynote Speaker
Rebecca Reynolds is a writer, speaker and guide to leaders. Under the auspices of her consulting firm, RRC, of which she is founder and CEO, Rebecca has worked for the past 20 years in the development and transformation of leaders. This work has taken her to some intriguing places – a remote fishing village on Vancouver Island to address ecosystem protection; a tiny border town on the Rio Grande to support asylum seekers, immigrants and women; and a world-class ski resort in the Rocky Mountains to build a clubhouse for aspiring Olympians.
Rebecca supports clients to develop governance and executive leadership, create strategic plans, perform assessments, build institutional capital, improve financial management, and otherwise advance leadership and business function. She has also worked with governments on complex collaborations to develop innovative policy and plans.
In 2011, Rebecca began a year-long sabbatical in leadership, attending workshops and conferences such as the World Business Forum in New York, the Management of Change conference in Washington DC, the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado and the Aspen Global Leadership Network in Cape Town, South Africa. As a result, she founded the Global Leadership Practicum (GLP) to address a gap in how leaders are taught: practicing leadership in real contexts. Through GLP, the workplace becomes the classroom, current challenges are the curriculum.
In early 2012, Rebecca wrote Nonprofit-KnowHow, which has been nominated for the Terry McAdam book award, to reach the growing nonprofit sector with her time-tested know-how and practical implementation tools. Rebecca also writes several blogs and contributes regularly to the online news aggregator,
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